New Patients

The First Visit

The purpose of the first visit is to get to know you and to diagnose any outstanding dental issues. Your dentist will perform a comprehensive exam, taking X-rays, intraoral photos, screening for oral cancer, and charting your periodontal tissue. If your gums look healthy, we can clean your teeth at this same visit. The dentist will meet with you after your exam to discuss a treatment plan privately. We take as much time as needed with our patients, and try to avoid double-booking. In general, this visit takes between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Online Forms

For your convenience, you can fill out our new patient forms at home, and bring them with you to the office. This will save time and allow you to see the dentist promptly. If you have any issues downloading the forms, please feel free to call us, and we can send them to you directly.

New Patient Forms

Insurance & Financing

We gladly accept dental insurance and file all claims as a courtesy to our patients. Nearly all major insurance plans are accepted – please call if you would like to verify your specific plan. We also accept cash, check, and credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx). For those wanting to spread out payments over several months, patient financing is available through CareCredit. No and low-interest plans are available for those who qualify. See the CareCredit website for details.

Do you see kids in your practice?

Yes! We usually begin seeing kids around age four. At this time, we can begin to familiarize the child with our office and create positive experiences. The dentist will examine your child’s teeth and demonstrate proper brushing and flossing methods. Many times, we recommend sealants, which are clear, plastic coatings that prevent cavities from forming on back teeth. Sealants are an innovative way to prevent the need for fillings or crowns. We also offer fluoride treatments to keep young teeth healthy and strong. See our children’s dentistry page (or call!) for more information.

What should I do if I have an emergency?

Please call the office immediately. If you’ve lost a tooth, the sooner you visit our office, the likelier the chances are that we can re-implant it. We see new and existing patients with dental emergencies promptly. If it’s after hours, our voicemail recording will give you further instructions.

Do you accept referrals?

Yes, we are currently accepting new patients, and we appreciate your confidence! We promise to extend the same professional, courteous service to you and your loved ones as we do to you every time you visit. We offer referral incentives as a token of our gratitude. Ask us about it!

How do I know if I have gum disease?

Gum disease can be stealthy. In the beginning, symptoms are very mild and may include chronic bad breath, reddened gums, or gums that bleed while brushing. In its advanced stages, gum disease can cause pockets between teeth, loose teeth, and ultimately tooth loss. If you think you might have gum disease, please visit our office right away for an assessment and treatment. If caught early, gum disease can be reversed.

Do I need X-rays?

If your X-rays are less than six months old, then you may not need a new set. We recommend renewing your X-rays twice annually, so the doctor can accurately diagnose dental issues. With X-rays, we can detect decay not visible to the naked eye, as well as hairline fractures, problems with wisdom teeth, and other developmental issues. We use digital X-rays for your comfort, convenience, and safety.

We invite you to learn more about our Bryan, TX dental office, and call (979) 774-1255 to reserve your appointment with Dr. Grimm, Dr. Lawson, or Dr. Kruger. We provide Bryan, College Station, Navasota, Huntsville, Franklin, and Conroe with personalized, high-tech dentistry in a family-friendly environment.

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