Preventive Dentistry

Gum disease, tooth decay, missing teeth… we can help you prevent these common dental problems from occurring. With a little extra attention, daily flossing, and regular dental visits, your natural teeth can last you a lifetime! Our dentists are committed to helping you and your family enjoy brilliant, healthy smiles for the long term.

6 Keys to Smile Success

The following preventive measures can strengthen your teeth and virtually eliminate the need for restorative dental work (i.e. fillings and crowns). If you don’t like drills or lengthy trips to the dentist, then pay close attention.

  1. Regular Exams and Cleanings – Even those with excellent oral hygiene should visit the dentist regularly. These preventive exams and cleanings allow the dentist to monitor your health and the hygienist to remove plaque and bacteria from below the gum line. Regular visits are the number one key to keeping your teeth for life!
  2. Daily Brushing & Flossing – While 70% of Americans would rather grocery shop than floss (for shame!), we can’t stress this point enough. Food particles, plaque, and bacteria will accumulate around and between teeth, causing cavities and disease, if not removed daily with proper brushing and flossing. Ask us to demonstrate! We’re glad to help.
  3. Fluoride & Dental Sealants – Fluoride is a unique mineral that attracts other minerals to the teeth. Fluoride rinses can re-harden soft spots on teeth, preventing a full-fledged cavity. Sealants are essential, especially for children, to form a barrier against decay on hard-to-reach tooth surfaces.
  4. Nightguards for Bruxism – Teeth grinding is a common reaction to stress that often occurs during sleep. Over time, grinding can cause headaches, cracked teeth, TMJ damage, and even tooth loss. A nightguard prevents tooth surfaces from touching, which saves your teeth from the harmful, long-term effects of clenching and grinding.
  5. Athletic Mouthguards – Forty percent of all sports injuries involve the face! A custom-fitted athletic mouthguard greatly reduce the risk of oral injures, and studies show they can even prevent concussions. Unlike over-the-counter mouthguards, our fitted mouthguards allow you to breath and speak comfortably.

Your smile is your number one asset! Let us help you preserve it for a lifetime.

We invite you to learn more about our Bryan, TX dental office, and call (979) 774-1255 to reserve your appointment with Dr. Grimm, Dr. Lawson, or Dr. Kruger. We provide Bryan, College Station, Navasota, Huntsville, Franklin, and Conroe with personalized, high-tech dentistry in a family-friendly environment.

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